COMMUNIQUÉ 22 February 2014 APIIDTT: Fenosa Natural Gas Company, which is building the “BII HIOXHO” wind energy park, plunders Zapotec indigenous communal landholding.

Juchitán de Zaragoza, Isthmus of Tehuantepec to february 22, 2014.

To the indigenous Peoples of México and the World

To the communications media

To Human Rights organizations

To national and international civil society


Fenosa Natural Gas Company, which is building the “BII HIOXHO” wind energy park, plunders Zapotec indigenous communal landholding.

We denounce that the Fenosa Natural Gas Company is carrying out construction work on the lands of compañero Pedro Martínez Guerra. Since January the employees of this firm began to build a dirt road on his land, causing damage such as the loss of three cows, burning of vegetation, deforestation and compacting of the soil to build the road. When the compañeros went to speak with the employees to ask why they were doing construction on their lands without authorization, they named the engineer Ricardo Morales as the person responsible for the work and told them to contact him and ask him to come, but he never arrived.

Therefore, on 30 January a criminal complaint was filed against the firm for plunder, with file number 440/JUN/2014, establishing that compañero Pedro Martínez does not have any rental contract with the firm, since on 28 July 2009 the compañero won the cancellation of his 30 year rental contract with that firm, which he was able to do after a major battle in which 75 contracts were canceled.

Currently the compañero has no contract with the firm authorizing them to carry out any kind of construction, but the Agent of the Public Ministry of Juchitán, Lic. Kassim Hernández Pinacho, has not conducted an investigation, nor called on the firm to suspend construction while the conflict is ongoing, but instead he asked the compañeros to prove that the affected land was theirs. As a result the construction work continues and now there is already a transmission tower on the lands of the compañero.

We are announcing that starting today there is a guard posted in the lands of compañero Pedro, to prevent the workers from Natural Gas from continuing the construction. Likewise, actions will be taken to avoid this plunder and to hold the firm responsible for the damages caused on the land.

We hold the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca responsible for acting with negligence, omission and complicity to permit the plunder of territory by transnational enterprises.

We hold Fenosa Natural Gas responsible for the physical integrity of the compañeros who are standing guard, since the firm has armed paramilitaries protecting their construction works.

We demand the departure of the Unión Fenosa Company from the comunal lands of Juchitán!

The land, the sea, the wind, are not for sale, they are to be loved and defended!

Assembly of the Indigenous Peoples of the Isthmus in Defense of land and Territory.



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